This is Dinah

Of course you recognize Dinah Jane as singer, songwriter, performer, actress, and member of award-winning multi-platinum pop powerhouse Fifth Harmony. 

After taking a break from music to reflect and find herself, Dinah is ready to remerge as her fully realized artist. With a fully produced album under her belt ready to be distributed, Dinah’s forthcoming solo project embodies who she always aspired to be:


“Rebirth! This era is a symbol of rebirth. I’m coming into my own. I’m listening to myself, and I’m trusting myself through the process as I dive into my projects moving forward. It’s either sink or swim at this point, and just feel like my culture, my people, the Polynesian people, deserve to also be seen.”

Dinah’s new project infuses her Polynesian culture, island reggae, and other personal influences, creating new sounds in our favorite R&B and pop genres. Tapping into a family of the best creatives, Dinah also will bring fresh island-flavored visuals to her music videos and performances.